What can I earn?


What you will earn will depend on your individual circumstances. Currently the beginning Apprentice in a Building Trades Apprenticeship Program begins at 45% to 50% of the current Journeyman rate. That percentage goes up every year you are in the program, until you reach your Journeyman status.

What does that mean in dollars and cents?  You earn while you learn!


Average Journeyman Rate of the 16 Trades in Michigan


$28.00 per hour - Base Rate @ 50% -- $ 14.00 - Per Hour


This an estimate of what you will earn during your first year.  Fringe Benefits are over and above. They include, but are not limited to:


Insurance, Pension


Vacation, Training Fund


When you complete a four or five year apprenticeship program, your journeyman card takes you to 100% of the current wages. Your training is part of your apprenticeship, so unlike some one who has gone to a two or four year college program, you won’t have a college loan to pay-off with your income.


  • Wages in the Plumbing and Mechanical Industry vary.  The following is an average representation of the earning potential of an individual entering into the Plumbing and Mechanical Industry.
  • Beginning Apprentices earn $880 over a two week period.
  • They also get hospitalization insurance for their family, along with other fringe benefits.
  • By the time they have completed a five year Apprentice Program, they will have earned $200,000 and can anticipate earning from $50,000 to $60,000 as a journeyperson.
  • After working 30 years they will have approximately one million dollars in pension

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